Of course! SmartCore floors can be installed on existing floors and the included underlay ensures that the underlying floor is not damaged, both during assembly and in the eventual removal of the material.

Yes, thanks to its composition and structure it can also be installed above the floor heating without compromising the performances of the system. The floor will retain warmth and provide a feeling of unparalleled comfort. SmartCore also allows optimal performance even in the presence of heat sources, without undergoing deformation.

SmartCore floors have a fire resistance class Bfl-s1, which makes them also suitable for rooms with fireplace or stove without risk. However, we always recommend avoiding direct contact with burning objects that could, in extreme cases, damage the floor surface. Safe and stylish, SmartCore adapts perfectly to any environment!

Absolutely! SmartCore is also perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, it does not fear humid environments. The contact with water on the surface does not affect stability and there will be no absorption phenomena, this makes it ideal for any environment, including bathrooms and kitchens. A durable and versatile floor that adapts to every need!

No. The SmartCore floor requires a substrate that is compact, uniform and dry. If necessary, a level can be used to correct any irregularities in the laying surface. In this way, we will ensure a planar and perfect base for SmartCore installation.

No, SmartCore is a floor designed for indoor spaces.

Of course! You can also install SmartCore in rooms already furnished by progressively moving the furniture elements; however, remember that, in the case of heavy furniture, it is important to consider the expansion spaces to allow the natural expansion and contraction of the floor. In this way, you will ensure the correct installation and durability of your SmartCore floor.

Thanks to its low thickness it is not necessary to disassemble doors and fixtures to lay SmartCore products. In some cases it may be necessary to adapt profiles and/or doors where the adjustment of the same is not sufficient. We always recommend consulting a professional installer to assess the specific situation and make appropriate decisions.

SmartCore technical floors are also perfectly suited to stairs for SVR5EVO, SVR6, SVR6Evo, SVR7M and SV8 collections, offering quick and easy solutions for flawless visual continuity.

No, our SmartCore floors are tested and certified by the most renowned international laboratories.

Absolutely yes! SmartCore is also ideal for those who share the house with four-legged friends. This is thanks to its waterproof, anti-wear and stain-resistant layer.

Yes! SmartCore floors have the best results in terms of wear resistance over time. Suitable for both private residences and public spaces, they guarantee the maximum performance even in high passage situations, as indicated in the data sheet. At the same time, SmartCore floors offer a special softness and naturalness to the touch and to the foot, making them an extremely versatile and durable material.

For an ordinary cleaning it is enough to use a broom, or a vacuum cleaner. For a deeper cleaning use a neutral detergent, we recommend our SMART CLEANER, an antistatic detergent with antibacterial action. Just dilute it with water and apply it with a soft cloth.

Pay attention to the instructions on the back of the product.

Of course, the composition of the SmartCore technical coverings allows installation close to windows. Our floors guarantee dimensional stability and the maintenance of colour characteristics over the years.

Absolutely! The SmartCore technical floor is your solution for a quieter world. With its pre-installed sound-absorbing mat, it helps to reduce footfall noise, giving you a more peaceful and comfortable experience in any environment.

Of course, the products of the SmartWood line have been specifically designed to be installed even in rooms with radiant floor heating, without compromising the performance of the system with excellent thermal transmittance, higher than any wooden floor.

Thanks to their 5G click interlocking system, laying becomes a fast and economical experience. An impeccable result, without the use of adhesives.

Absolutely! SmartWood is the ideal floor for commercial premises. Its robust structure is accompanied by a special high traffic painting, which makes it more resistant over time. The patented support in stone powder protects it from falling objects and gives the surface a hardness greater than that of wooden floors.

In addition, SmartWood has obtained the Cfl-s1 certification, a class of reaction to fire required for installation in public environments.

Yes, SmartWood is the perfect choice even installed over an existing floor. Its rigid structure allows laying on floors with joints up to 6 mm, ensuring a flawless result.

You can transform your spaces without worrying about damaging the floor below, thanks to its delicate installation. Remember that SmartWood technical coating requires a compact, planar and dry surface!

Yes you can! SmartWood is the ideal solution even in rooms already furnished. It is recommended to leave adequate expansion spaces to allow natural settling in the presence of heavy furniture.

Of course! Its special painting does not fear water and makes it suitable for installation in rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. The SmartWood structure, despite being a floor with a real wood surface, ensures stability even in case of contact with water, unlike wooden and laminated floors.

In case of pouring of liquids, it will be sufficient to dry promptly, avoiding leaving pools for prolonged periods of time. Avoid continuous contact with moisture sources.

Absolutely yes! SmartWood products have a Cfl-s1 fire resistance class, which means that it can also be installed in rooms with a fireplace or stove. However, it is advisable to pay attention to burning objects that could damage the surface coming out of the fireplace or stove.

For an ordinary cleaning it is enough to use a broom, or a vacuum cleaner. For a deeper cleaning use a neutral detergent, we recommend our CLEANER STAR, a bactericidal cleaner for cleaning painted wooden floors. Just dilute it with water and apply it with a soft cloth.

Carefully consult the instructions on the back of the product for proper use.

SmartWood adds style to your space and also helps make it quieter, thanks to its cork underlay included that reduces footfall noise.