Smart Wood

SmartWood is here and making headlines!
We are literally revolutionising the world of SPC flooring.
With all the essential characteristics of a technical floor, this product stands out because of the added layer of pure wood on the surface. This unique feature gives the floor an unparalleled quality and beauty, bringing out the refined essence of this material.

Once laid, it gives the effect of a real solid wood parquet.
Nature meets innovation to produce a flooring with unrivalled appeal!


SmartWood achieves unexpected levels of noise reduction. This is thanks to the thin yet powerful cork acoustic underlay which reduces the reverberations of footsteps, providing a quiet and peaceful environment. Enjoy comfort without compromises.


Thanks to the 5G click system, the boards are easy to join together, whilst the integrated cork underlay allows for a quick and seamless application. Today, a stylish new look for your space is just a few clicks away.


A real wood surface layer that transforms the flooring, marrying beauty and comfort. The properties of a technical flooring that provide the harmony of design, eye-catching appearance and levels of comfort that you have always wanted. The beauty of walking on real wood.


Thanks to its robust mineral powder core, SmartWood is popular for its beautiful appearance and thermal comfort, providing an even temperature. It is also ideal for underfloor heating. Bring warmth and beauty to every step.


The high resistance to the impact makes the SmartWood floors sturdy in case of blows, falls of objects and accidents. The natural beauty of wood with the hardness of the SPC, an impeccable mix of elegance and resistance.


SmartWood floorings are designed to resist wear and tear and maximise durability wherever they are used. The ultra-resistant coating makes them even stronger and perfect for commercial environments


With its Cfl-s1 fire rating, our floorings are also the perfect choice for public spaces. Bringing together safety and style to create the perfect atmosphere.


With low-thickness floors, renovations become easy and intuitive. There is no need to modify the heights, cut the doors or worry about the joints between existing floors. The stress-free way to transform your home


The super-durable coating makes this floor truly flawless! Even in commercial environments, such as clothing shops and luxury hotels, it retains its robustness without sacrificing style and class.


The SPC panel provides incredible stability for the flooring, even in settings where there may be moisture. Thanks to this important feature, the floor is less affected by seasonal variations in humidity or water spills.

Mineral powder flooring. The ideal choice for anyone looking for a low profile flooring with all the technical features of an SPC floor plus a real wood surface layer. It also includes a natural cork underlay that further dampens the reverberations of footsteps.

SmartWood is the perfect combination of the refined style of real wood and the unparalleled durability of an SPC mineral panel, all contained in a thickness of 7 millimetres.

This floor offers exceptional comfort, is wear- resistant, easy to clean, quiet and safe, with a Cfl-s1 fire rating

It is so simple to install: low thickness planks that are easy to lay thanks to the 5G click system and without glue.

The SmartWood family comprises 7 different versions, all with the same technical features and each with a unique design.