Our SmartCore technical flooring are the breakthrough products.
A line that will give you the aesthetics of a wooden floor and the functionality of a high quality technical floor: which is sound-absorbent, resistant to water, impacts and wear, and much more!
With three unique solutions, SmartCore is designed to meet a range of requirements, adapting to the characteristics of any setting. Uniting beauty and performance.



Thanks to their composition, these floors effectively absorb the sound of footsteps, reducing reverberations in rooms. The acoustic properties play a crucial role when it comes to designing and renovating a building. The floor, as the primary soundproofing component, performs an essential role.


Installation is quick and unobtrusive, it can even be fitted on top of existing floors without damaging them. Its structure means it is quicker, simpler, and cheaper to fit.


They give you the feeling and the warmth of a real wooden floor. Their composition also makes them perfect for walking barefoot, ensuring pleasure at every step.


These floors are suitable for underflooor heating. Their structure efficiently retains heat, providing unparalleled comfort.


Their protective film also makes them perfect for commercial use, ensuring greater resistance even in high traffic environments.


They offer exceptional water resistance, making them ideal for installation in rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. This is a feature which delivers exceptional strength, ensuring greater durability over time.


SmartCore is antistatic and easy to clean. Because it is free from joints and the surfaces are level, dirt cannot enter, ensuring that the room is clean and hygienic. Easy maintenance and cleaning without compromises!


The use of low thickness materials means that major renovation work can be carried out without the need to alter the heights, trim doors, or deal with complex connections with the existing floorings in other rooms. A practical and flexible approach for renovating spaces without structural drawbacks.


SmartCore technical floors are certified to be Bfl-s1 fireresistant, which certifies that these products are also suitable for use in commercial environments or public works.

The SmartCore technical flooring line is divided into three types, each with unique specifications and characteristics, in order to meet the needs of each customer.


LVT floors – Luxury Vinyl Tiles, are suitable for high traffic areas. Their stability and tecnical perfomance make them suitable for schools, commercial area of all kinds and airports.

LVT floorings require an even, smooth base. Water and moisture resistant, with a very low thickness, the product adapts to the substrate to ensure complete safety.

It is installed by glue, which removes the risk of expansion and the need of tee profile, making it very resistant. Its ultra-thin thickness with a flexible structure fit to the base like a second skin.

LVT glue down flooring are ideal for high-traffic indoor settings, such as shopping centres, schools, airports and offices.

Practical, durable and able to shine in any context.



Renovating any space is now really easy thanks to the outstanding properties of the SPC – Stone Polymer Composite – flooring which guarantees a flawless overlay.

It is the best choice for renovation projects.

SPC is a clever mix of mineral powder and polymer. These floors feature a structure that gives the boards surprising rigidity, allowing them to adapt perfectly to the flooring underneath.

The SPC collection stands out for their remarkable practicality and low thickness, which means that, particularly for renovation work, they can be laid directly on top of the existing floor.

You can install SPC directly on top of your existing floor – a practical and versatile option for adding a fresh, new look to your rooms.



The great functionality of the EPC collection takes the breath away: the central layer in expanded PVC foam gives it extraordinary rigidity and minimises expansion and gives an uncomparable acoustic performance. With a thickness of 8 mm, it has a 0,7 mm protective layer, which allows its use in high traffic areas.

Thanks to the 5G interlock fitting system, EPC does not require the use of glue, which allows for more efficient and fast installation.

The exceptional SV8 structure makes it superior to all other options on the market. The core of this floor is made of a patented expanded polymer compound that provides an incredible degree of elasticity while maintaining dimensional stability.

Thanks to its advanced technology, the SV8 flooring delivers unrivalled acoustic comfort and it can also be installed on top of existing floors with joints of up to 5-6 mm.